The Road to Hana

Deconstructing The Road to Hana Part I

I don’t always do things like people advise me to. Do you? The Road to Hana is no exception. The...

Characters that are more relatable

Beginning writing classes will have you write the history of each of your characters as an exercise in deepening your...

10 Reflections from a Sundance Script Reader

I’ve been following the Sundance Film Festival from home and I felt inspired to write briefly about reading scripts for...

Resolutions done differently

I detest New Year’s resolutions. Like diets they don’t last, and you end up worse than when you started. However,...

Life Without Baby – Holiday Companion

My friends Lisa and Kathleen co-wrote this book. It is helping a lot of women who are childfree-not-by-choice. If this...

3 Things To Add to Your Thankful List

After Thanksgiving is usually when I think about being thankful. During it I’m too overwhelmed with tasks. Sad but true....

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Posts about Writing

As a child the first thing I did was create stories. Whether in my mind, in poetry or in fiction. I believe we all did this.  It is actually in our psychology to re-imagine our world, our memories, our imagination into stories we tell ourselves and others. Story is my passion. How we tell stories to each other, in media, and in psychology.

Posts about Psychology

Since I was a teenager, observing people quietly, I have had the most basic curiosity about them. How people think, feel, function, defend against, cope and function. Now I do it for a living.

Posts about Entertainment and Travel

As an adult, this is my heart. I am an experience junkie. I absorb film, TV, books, social media, music, games, travel (whether to spas, restaurants or destinations), magazines, websites, and newspapers, as if I have an unlimitied brain harddrive. I worked in the entertainment industry for 15 years. It’s a habit. I can’t quit!